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Got questions? That's okay – after all, we're building solutions that no one else has built before.

Why did you create Eden Snacker?

Snacker was created so businesses can benefit from immersive technology without any of the usual hassle associated with Virtual Reality hardware. When working with VR, the same pain points keep coming up; Messy cables and head straps, complicated VR controls, difficulty managing and charging multiple devices, cumbersome content management, no insight into your return on investment and many others, like the mandatory host that has to explain the technology and guide users.

VR technology used to stand in its own way, it was just too complicated for the everyday Joe, and too costly to deploy and service. Snacker fixes that.

Who was Eden Snacker created for?

Eden Snacker was created for everyone that wants to benefit from Virtual Reality without the hassle VR inherently brings with it. Boost your sales by engaging clients with modern technology. Explain key features of your products in the visually richest way possible. Train your employees in an interactive VR experience so that they feel better equipped for their task and make fewer errors on the factory floor. Or enrich your marketing and user acquisition with an immersive experience that your clients will never forget. 

Retail, healthcare, sales, hotels & travel, showrooms, museums, galleries, trade show booths, events and a multitude of other businesses can benefit from using Virtual Reality technology, today.

Is Eden Snacker a gaming device?

No. Eden Snacker is made for businesses that want an easy entry into immersive technology, it was not designed for games. While you can enjoy gaze-based interactive experiences and immersive movies in high fidelity, Snacker was specifically designed to exclude any complicated motion controls. We made the necessary decision to simplify VR experiences so that everyone can enjoy them, no matter the technical level.

How much does Eden Snacker cost?

As an enterprise device, Eden Snacker will be priced competitively to the enterprise offerings from HTC, Oculus and other headset manufacturers. On top of their standard business-level support, we also offer additional value by including a touchscreen, a wireless charging cradle, 4G and 5G LTE compatibility as well as Eden XR Platform features like mobile device management (MDM), deep analytics, remote content management and reporting tools to better understand your return on investment. 

If you are interested in a quote, please contact our sales team.

When will Eden Snacker be released?

Eden Snacker will ship in Q2 2022. If you want to reserve your spot, you can pre-order Eden Snacker on our Hardware page

If you are interested in a demo, please send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is Eden Snacker available in my country?

Eden Snacker is available in the countries listed below. We are able to ship to countries outside of this list on a per-project basis, just get in contact with us and we’ll find a shipping solution for you.

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Which VR headsets does Eden Snacker support?

Eden Snacker currently uses a customised version of the Skyworth S1 headset. Its 4K display offers the highest visual fidelity among mobile VR headsets on the market, without any irritating god rays or the screen door effect typically seen in low-fidelity VR headsets. Its integrated wireless Qi-Charger allows Snacker to recharge automatically, so it’s always ready for use. Due to its light weight, the Skyworth headset is also ideal for ‘snackable’ VR content. 

We will introduce additional headset support in future, including 6DOF headsets.

Can I add multiple Snackers to a single Station?

Yes. This allows for classroom, workshop or cinema setups where one host starts the experience for a number of participants at the same time.

This feature is based on a mutual WiFi connection and will work as long as your Snacker devices and the synced Station are in WiFi range of each other.

Does Eden XR Platform support other VR headsets?

Currently, Eden XR Platform supports our custom version of the Skyworth S1, which was carefully selected due to its perfect fit for the platform. That said, Eden Snacker and Eden XR Platform are designed with modular parts and an open OS approach, and will support other popular VR headsets in future.

Are Eden Snacker and Eden XR Platform future-proof?

Yes. We’ve implemented a range of unique features so you can rest assured that Eden Snacker and Eden XR Platform will stay up-to-date for years to come. One example is our 4G LTE module that allows your devices to stay online even when there is unstable internet connectivity at an event or on location. We designed this module to be 5G-ready, making sure you’ll keep this always-on connectivity in the next generation of mobile internet. 

Another example is the NFC technology that Eden Station offers. By inviting clients to tap their phone or NFC badge on Eden Station, you can gather their contact information and generate solid leads. This technology can also be used to secure admin functions that can only be accessed by authorized personnel with a special NFC tag. Additionally, NFC can be used for your payment options in future.

What benefits do I get from using Eden XR Platform?

Eden XR Platform provides 4 key benefits:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for VR:
Manage your Virtual Reality devices remotely from anywhere in the world through the use of our cloud-based web portal based on Microsoft Azure®. This allows you to manage your VR systems from mobile devices like smartphones, from your desktop or any web browser. 

Remote Content Management:
Deploying content to VR devices is cumbersome and requires a lot of resources and device management. Eden XR Platform changes that for good: Upload or update content easily, no matter where you or your devices are. 

Return on Investment:
Eden XR Platform and its suite of reporting tools allow you to easily understand how many leads you’ve generated, how much time your clients spent in your immersive brand world and which of your products caught their attention the most – giving you actionable insights on your return on investment.

Deep Analytics:
Compare your device performance at different locations, find out which content pieces your clients found most engaging and understand your clients’ behavior to make educated marketing decisions for the future.

Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) for VR devices supported by Eden XR Platform?

Yes. Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Virtual Reality devices is a core feature of Eden XR Platform. In short, it allows you to manage your VR devices from anywhere, even from your mobile device. Check their status, update them remotely or service them from afar – Eden XR Platform brings all the features that you would expect from a Virtual Reality MDM solution for mobile VR device management.

Why did you add a touchscreen Station to a VR system?

Our vision for Eden Snacker is a turnkey VR system that everyone can use. All of us at Eden appreciate the heightened sense of immersion that a full-body VR experience can bring, but we found that many clients and users are overwhelmed by the complicated motion controls that are typical for Virtual Reality. So we decided to make things easy. By adding a touchscreen, VR can suddenly be used by anyone, even first-timers, without any explanation or instruction. This also means that you don’t need to have costly hosts looking after the VR experiences, Eden Station makes VR turnkey and fully self-service.

Why did you put a handle on a VR headset?

Through thousands of public demos to mainstream audiences, we found that many users are extremely hesitant to strap into a VR headset – and we get why: They don’t want to mess up their hair or ruin their make-up, they don’t want to look silly with a ‘brick’ on their face or they are simply too afraid to surrender their main senses to a machine. 

All of these issues immediately went away when we added a handle for mainstream audiences. We saw engagement rates skyrocket, took that invention and polished it – the result is Eden Snacker.

What about longer VR experiences? Can I bring the head straps back?

Yes. You can detach the handle from the headset and reattach head straps. This allows you to offer longer VR experiences to your clients while benefiting from the full feature set of Eden Snacker and Eden XR Platform.

How does the wireless charging feature work?

We built a wireless Qi-Charger right into the Snacker cradle, and installed a charge receiver into our custom Skyworth headsets. This means that the system instantly and automatically charges the headset through induction as soon as it is cradled. Gone are the days of manually plugging cables in and out to keep your devices charged and ready to go. Just put Snacker back onto the cradle and the LED bar will light up to let you know the headset is charging correctly.

What are the full specifications of the system?

The key specifications are below, we will also supply a full Eden Snacker spec sheet soon.

Snacker Headset: Skyworth S1 (4K resolution, 105° FOV, wireless charging)

Snacker Stand: Integrated Qi-Charger, esp32-controlled NeoPixel LED bar

Eden Station: FullHD+ resolution (1920x1200), 2.4GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 4G/5G-ready, WiFi 802.11 AC, Gigabit Ethernet

Do you support six degrees of freedom (6DOF)?

No, this format is currently not ideal for the vast majority of business applications as it requires cumbersome setup and adjustment. Also, the biggest library of immersive experiences exists in three degrees of freedom (3DOF). This is why we created our first version of Eden Snacker as a 3DOF device, to benefit from this extensive library and to allow your business to deploy VR experiences without friction. 

That said, Eden Snacker and Eden XR Platform are designed in a way that 6DOF headsets will be added in future, thanks to modular parts and an open OS approach.

To stay up to date on future Snacker versions, please subscribe to our newsletter by sending us a message below.

Do you support interactive experiences?

Yes. Eden Snacker is tailor-made for immersive 360 degree movies, but it comfortably runs basic interactive experiences. Gaze-based control schemes allow you to put your clients in control without the need to explain any complicated motion controls.

Does Eden Snacker include anti-theft measures for public spaces?

Yes. Both Snacker and Station include a Kensington Security Slot that can be secured with locks based on international standards. These locks are widely available across the globe and can easily be attached to our system.

For extra security and stability in high-traffic locations, you can order our Snacker Security Kit, which includes metal mounting brackets that can be attached to any surface.

How do I keep the headsets clean and hygienic?

Keeping VR headsets hygienic and clean is a top priority for us. It’s important that clients are safe and feel safe when putting on a VR headset in a public or business environment. 

We have a variety of solutions for VR headset hygiene, including the latest in material and sanitation technology. We are releasing our Eden Snacker Hygiene Guide soon for you to find out more about how we take care of you and your clients.

What is your audio solution? What about noisy locations like trade show booths or retail stores?

Eden Snacker ships with integrated headset speakers that can be used even in noisy environments like retail stores or entertainment centers. 

For even noisier locations like trade show booths or shopping malls, Snacker includes a headphone output on the headset, allowing you to drive your message home through any speakers, including noise-cancelling headphones for additional noise reduction.

If you need to give your clients even more oomph, we are working on a customized headset speaker solution that integrates seamlessly with Snacker, allowing the same ease of use with even higher audio fidelity. Please subscribe to our newsletter by sending us a message to stay up to date on our custom audio solution. 

Why should my business invest in immersive technology?

Did you know that in the last 20 years, 52 percent of Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption? The reason is that computers and smartphones have changed the way we connect, live and work at a pace that almost no one anticipated. We are now seeing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality having the exact same effect and your business should be ready from the get-go.

With mature headset technology, widely available creation tools and billions of dollars in investment flowing into the industry, there has never been a better time to start your brand’s journey in VR: Boost your sales, enrich your marketing, revolutionise your training and leave clients with an unforgettable brand experience. 

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to start this new chapter with you.

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