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Eden Snacker allows you to easily benefit from immersive experiences that move sales and marketing into the future. Our solutions are designed to positively impact your customer's experience and ultimately, your business’ bottom line.

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Bring your brand story to life.

Give your audience immersive 360° experiences by partnering with Eden to co-create and showcase content on Snacker. Take your customers on product test drives before your product exists. Delivered to your showroom floor, an expo, or anywhere you can imagine.

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Showcase playlists of your existing VR Content.

Eden Snacker gives content creators a platform to showcase their VR works in the most immersive, yet simple, way possible. Finally, your content has a home with an all-new and exciting VR snacking experience. Create festivals, highlight reels or catalogues to take your content wherever you like, and to whoever you like.

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Create immersive VR experiences.

Eden Snacker delivers a live feed from a 360° camera placed wherever you like in, or out of this world. From watering holes in the Serengeti to Time Square in New York, teleport your customers to the precise immersive experience you choose.

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Eden’s patented hardware solution makes VR snacking equipment easy to use. Simply pick up Snacker to play, experience VR, then place back in the cradle to charge.


To make device management and content distribution as simple as possible, Eden Snacker is equipped with our custom BlackBoard with 4G and 5G-ready connectivity as well as Wi-Fi and LAN connections. Eden Snacker only needs to be plugged into a power outlet, allowing for immediate updates and analytic reporting via Eden XR Platform.

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