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VR made easy

Use immersive technology to boost your business retail sales hotel museum gallery trade show booth events

Use immersive technology to boost yourbusiness

Easier than ever before

Snacker's patented grip allows you and your clients to benefit from VR experiences easy and instantly.

No cables, no hassle

With Snacker's wireless charging stand, you don't need to worry about annoying cables or battery levels.

Frictionless control

Eden Station's simple touchscreen allows your clients to enjoy VR experiences without any technical knowledge.

The world needs easier tech.

That's why we've created Eden Snacker, an all-in-one tool to boost your business with VR.

Advanced technology turns us into magicians: We drive cars without touching the wheel, we fly rockets to space and land them back safely, or we transport people to unimaginable places, simply by putting them into a Virtual Reality headset.

Eden Snacker allows you to harness this power, making it the perfect tool for memorable brand experiences, marketing innovation, product presentation ideas, exhibition stands, events, innovative sales pitches, healthcare applications and more.

Explore Features

VR solutions that work for you

Virtual Reality and other immersive brand experiences can be frustrating and complicated. Snacker is here to change that – and to make VR easy for you.
Simply let us know how much you know about Virtual Reality, and we're happy to guide you from there.

I’m a VR expert

I've been working with VR for years, show me the details.

I'm new to tech

I understand VR is a great tool, but I need guidance.

I’m a rookie

I've used VR in my work before but found it too clunky.

Retail Technology

Immersive technology allows you to drive sales like never before.

Snacker allows you to boost your sales by giving easy, immersive product demonstrations to your clients. Use VR technology as a unique way to increase sales and give your clients an unforgettable brand experience.

Tradeshows and Expos

The easiest way to make a lasting impression on your prospects.

Expand your tradeshow booth virtually, give an immersive product demonstration or spice up your exhibition stand with a VR attraction – Snacker is the perfect idea for modern trade show displays.

Hotels & Travel Tech

Make your clients feel like they've already checked in.

Show your clients a glimpse of their future travels and increase your sales – VR technology is a perfect way to upsell trips, entertain your guests during their hotel stay or make their time fly by in airport lounges.

Museums & Galleries

Storytelling in museums & galleries will never be the same again.

Enrich your exhibition narrative with immersive, educational experiences or extend your floor space with virtual art installations. VR helps to entice more visitors to your location and leaves them with a lasting experience.

Experience VR content easier than ever before

Patented Grip

Your clients can easily dive in and out of immersive experiences without feeling strapped into a Virtual Reality headset.

One Station, many Snackers

Scalable Solution

Connect, run and manage multiple Snacker headsets with a single Station and deliver stunning VR experiences to your clients at scale.

Never run out of battery again

Wireless Charging

Snacker's wireless charging dock keeps your devices ready to go, making battery headaches a thing of the past.

Friction is a word we don't know

Self-Service Kiosk

No need to learn any complicated VR controls. Our custom touchscreen interface is as easy as using a tablet.

Always online, always connected

Built-In Connectivity

Eden Snacker offers WiFi, wired and optional 4G connectivity, so your devices always stay online – no matter what.

Know what's going on

Mobile VR Device Management (VR MDM)

Manage your VR devices with our easy-to-use MDM tools, from anywhere on the globe. Check their status from mobile or desktop and get actionable insights on your return on investment.

Eden XR Platform

Advanced technology that feels like magic.
Snacker is powered by Eden XR Platform – our frictionless tool for mobile VR device management (VR MDM), content deployment and deep analytics. Our robust cloud service is built on Microsoft Azure®, allowing you to lean back and enjoy the magic without worrying what's happening behind the scenes.

Mobile Device Management

Manage your Virtual Reality devices remotely with our intuitive MDM tools.

Content Deployment

Distribute and manage immersive content easier than ever before.

Return on Investment

Get actionable ROI insights for your business, your location or your client.

Deep Analytics

Understand your users' engagement with live reports and historic data.

Here's how easy VR can be

Snacker was made to solve many problems that VR technology has, so you don't have to. Watch our Inside Eden video series to learn more about how Snacker is VR made easy.

Prepare for the future, today

Snacker is the perfect tool to prepare your business for the future.
Retail, sales, healthcare, hotels, showrooms, museums, galleries, trade shows, events – all of these and more will be impacted by immersive technology. Get ready now.

What makes us unique

Eden is the world's only provider of an all-in-one VR solution that combines hardware, software and platform.
Reap the benefits of immersive technology without any of the usual hassle. Eden Snacker is VR made easy.

Get started with VR today

Don't miss out on the opportunities that immersive technology offers for you and your business.
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