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Virtual Reality is the perfect tool to increase revenue for the global travel industry: Upsell trips, entertain your guests during their hotel stay or make their time fly by in airport lounges.

Your all-in-one solution to get back to business

The travel industry is under pressure and standing out is more important than ever. Differentiate your offering by including modern technology and increase your revenue per client.

The best VR content for travellers

Tap into a pre-installed selection of the most stunning travel experiences. Or let our team of XR veterans create a custom experience, tailor-made for you.

Eden Snacker & Eden Station

Let your visitors enjoy immersive adventures without head straps or cables, and benefit from the easiest way to run and manage VR experiences.

Eden XR Platform

Get actionable insights into your return on investment with live reports & deep analytics, and manage VR devices and content easier than ever before.

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Ready for a new start?

Our out-of-the-box VR solution for your travel business can help you get back to full speed and stand out from the rest.
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Not quite what you are looking for?

You like what you see, but you want to benefit from the power of VR in a different location or business? Then these industry-specific packages might be better suited for your needs: