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Our Retail Package allows you to increase your sales by giving easy, immersive product demonstrations to your shoppers. Use innovative technology as an out-of-the-box idea to increase sales and leave your clients with an immersive, emotional brand experience.

The perfect all-in-one solution for your retail activations

Your Retail Package includes everything you need to revolutionise your retail sales, right out of the box. Unique content, frictionless hardware and intuitive software – all in one easy solution.

Custom VR experiences for retail activations

Let our team of award-winning creators produce jaw-dropping Virtual Reality content, tailor-made for your brand, location or retail store.

Eden Snacker & Eden Station

Demonstrate your products immersively without head straps or cables, and benefit from the easiest way to run and manage VR experiences.

Eden XR Platform

Get actionable insights into your return on investment with live reports & deep analytics, and manage VR devices and content easily.

Bring your brand story to life

Our Originals Package for retail is the ideal way to increase your sales by immersing clients in your brand and giving product demonstrations like never before.

Ready for the future of retail technology?

Present your brand and products in a new light and turn shoppers into buyers – Reach out today and we'll help you to get there.
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Not quite what you are looking for?

You like what you see, but you want to benefit from the power of VR in a different location or business? Then these industry-specific packages might be better suited for your needs: